Foundation Overview

What is the foundation?

A non-profit sector of Community Hostel, the foundation is an indirect product for hostel patrons to support community efforts in education.  We believe that education is the basis of alleviating social problems and because education encompasses so much, we encourage a wide variety of non-profits to apply.

How does the foundation work?

For every night a guest stays at Community Hostel, 10% of the night’s stay is contributed to the foundation.  Every 6 months, local non-profits can apply for our funding. Those who wish to contribute further can receive information on working, volunteering for, or donating to the programs connected to the foundation and others.

 Why a foundation and a Hostel?

Tourism has complex effects on a country, stimulating the economy but often leaving footprints that hurt the environment or damage traditional culture. By serving as both a foundation and business, Community Hostel ensures the tourist footprint is light and the result is beneficial for all parties involved: tourists, local culture, business partners and those in the local community who play an inherent role in making their country a destination for travelers.