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Getting to us

Get to us by getting on any bus from either the north or south bus terminal to the ” Plaza la marin” bus stop, it doesn’t matter if you take the eco-via, or the metro bus line it would be the same stop. 

If you are coming on the trole please get off at “la plaza del teatro” stop we are three blocks away. 

For a safe & secure ride, we have a private driver named Omar who can pick you up from the airport upon request. He will carry a car-full (3 people) for $35 total, and will wait for you and your party at the airport with a sign with our logo on it. if a reservation to get picked up by Omar is made by each party then the cost of the pickup would go down to 25 for each party since the reservations were done seperatly. If you are interested in hiring Omar, please feel free to call us and set an appointment.

Since we now have a van, we are able to carry more people back from the airport, if the pary is more then 3 people then we will charge an extra $8 per extra person that is in the reservation.

Local cabs from the airport should cost between $27.00-$30.00. If you choose to take a local cab, please be aware of your belongings and meter prices. If you are wary or unsure of how to get to Community Hostel, please feel free to call us and ask for information.

If you’re taking a local cab, here is a simple way to ask a cab to get to Community Hostel: “Por favor a la Pedro Fermín Cevallos y Olmedo detrás del Coliseo Julio Cesar Hidalgo y Mercado Central.”

Distance from Community Hostel to NEW Quito International Airport: 1hour and 30 minutes in taxi

Distance from Community Hostel to Colonial District: In the heart of it!

Distance from Community Hostel to Plaza Foch/La Mariscal (Nightlife): 5 minutes in taxi, 20 minutes by foot


Address: N6-78 Pedro Fermin Cevallos and Olmedo Quito, Ecuador

To call locally: 0959049658

To call from abroad: 011-593-959049658

WhatsApp: +593959049658


Skype: communityhostel

Making a reservation: We guarantee a call or e-mail back within 24 hours to let you know of our availability.  A reservation is always recommended, but not necessary.

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