Quintessential Quito


Hello readers! Dan again! Here in Quito we are right below the daunting and beautiful Pichincha, visible from Old Town Colonial Quito to New Town Mariscal. Nathan and I took the trip with some guests up El Teleferico, the gondola that goes up to Pichincha, to summit the mountain. We took some pics along the way, so check em out!

Going from Quito to Pichincha on the Teleferico

View of Quito from Pichincha

Peak of Pichincha, our destination!

Beautiful day in Quito!

You will be mine!


Climbing to the top

Crags and peaks and epic clouds

The summit


Above the clouds

Climbing mountains, like a boss.

Almost to the top

Top of the world! (Or at least Quito)

Bienvenidos al cumbre

Quito, Ecuador