Updates from paradise.

Update on the new Airport!


  • we have a driver,Omar, and his cost is $35 and he will be waiting for you at the airport and bring you straight to us! He charges more because he is only allowed to pickup passengers at the airport or drop off and pay for parking, plus his time getting there empty. He is very trustworthy and is known to help out in case luggage gets lost or try to find you if you are having any troubles!
  • In order to get from the new airport to la mariscal or old town you can just give the address to the cab driver and for $26 dollars (which is the official price from the city) the cab driver will take you to either spot!
  • With the shuttle you will grab it at one of the two booths in the arrivals area of the airport and head over to the old airport. here your best option is to get in a cab and for $5 to mariscal and $8 to the colonial district you can make it to your last destination. While the metro line is close to the old airport it is not ideal because of how far away it is from the mariscal and the last stop is pretty far away from the colonial district. Always ask for the taximeter, it will be the cheapest option and the above prices are the maximum you should be paying to get to either.
  • For Public transport, the best thing to do is to get on the bus towards the Ecovia station for $2 and then from there take the bus towards “La Marin” or the south of the city. The ideal stop to get to la Mariscal is called “Manuela Canizares”, get off here, exit the station and hang a left, you will be on the street called “Mariscal Foch” walk up two blocks and you will be in the main plaza of the Mariscal!
  • For getting to the colonial district you would continue on the same Ecovia bus and make it to the penultimate stop called “Plaza Marin” here you would get off and walk towards the exit hang a left and you are in the heart of the colonial district, if you walk three blocks up you will be at the presidential palace and close to all the churches. If you want to come to Community hostel just hang a left outside the terminal and walk on the right side of the bridge (not on the bridge, but to the right of it), and as soon as you see the “Coliseo Julio Cesar Hidalgo” building make a right and we are the three story building right next to the palm tree!

See you at Community Hostel soon!!!
The Community Hostel Team!