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New Airport


Hi everyone!

So the new airport is here and it is suuuuuper far away! Here are a few options to get to ComunityHostel .

1) You can hire Omar our driver to go pick you up at the airport and his cost is $35. Omar will wait for you at the airport until you are ready ago and if you happen to loose any luggage or experience any problems hes right there to help out, then he will bring you straight to us!!

2) take an airport taxi, the official cost is $27, but we dont know how strongly that wil be enforced, or by which companies.

3) There are two airport shuttles: The fist is $8 and then there is an express one for $12 that will take you from the new airport to the old one or vice versa.

4) There are buses that can take you straight to the south or north bus stations and they cost $2. This would be the best option if you are trying to just bypass Quito and get to some other destination. However, this will likely require a bus transfer some where along the way.

Here is a helpful link to the official Quito Municipality city page and if you scroll down a little and look under the “transport” tab you can find all the info that the city has put out:


As we continue to find out more about the transportation to the airport and back we will be updating the blog and other parts of our website!

Thank you for reading up on this and we hope to see you soon!!!

The Community Hostel Team!